If you are considering sending their child to the nursery you should make an appointment for a visit. During this time you will be asked to fill in a Registration Form and sign a Contract between yourself and Smile Day Nursery.

In the event of the nursery being unable to offer a place immediately you may register your child’s name on the waiting list. The nursery will notify you immediately when a place becomes available.

Starting at Smile:

Smile children are gradually introduced to their new routine through a series of planned ‘settling in’ sessions. This will normally consist of several short visits when you will be asked to stay with their child whilst they adjust to their new surroundings and spend some time with the person in charge of the room, or your child’s key worker. They will discuss your registration forms, ask you questions about your child’s health, feeding and routine. It is important that the settling in process is as relaxed and easy as possible for both the parent/carer and their child. You are welcome to stay for as little or as long as it takes for both of you to feel happy with the nursery. We advise parents/carers to allow plenty of time for this when you register their child.


Good diet plays an important part in promoting good health in growing children. Our cook will serve an appetising and nutritious menu of ‘home cooked’, freshly prepared, whole food meals. We provide mid-morning and afternoon snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables, with a drink of milk or water. We cater for special dietary requirements. Children are encouraged to drink water which is available at all times.

What should I bring to nursery?

N/B Please clearly label all your child’s belongings and store them in a named bag. The nursery cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to personal items. Please hand all children’s bottles and meals to a member of staff.

  • One complete set of spare clothes.
  • As your child starts toilet training please bring enough pants and additional clothes to last the day.
  • Nappies and wipes if necessary.
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush and hair brush for after meals.
  • A pair of slippers for indoors.
  • Suitable outdoor clothes and shoes. (Wellingtons)
  • In the summer a sun hat and sun block cream.
  • A comforter or special toy if required.
  • Baby meals until eating nursery food, clearly named.

Protective aprons will be provided for messier play involving water etc, but we do suggest you do not send your child to nursery in clothes which are too ‘special’. If accidents do occur however, we do have our own laundry and soiled clothing can usually be washed ready for home time.

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